Relicario Peated Finish has been developed from Relicario Superior, aged for between 5 and 10 years in the Dominican Republic and then aged for a further 6 months in American oak barrels that contained whisky peated (barrels of 250L).
The casks come from the renowned area of Speyside (Scotland).
Category: Dominican Rum · Alcohol content: 40% Vol.

Aroma: As a result of it being an aged Dominican rum, aromas of sugar cane juice and vanilla are prominent, produced by the ageing at source, perfectly combined with hints of smoke, peat and malt and nuances of nuts from the final ageing in single malt barrels.
Flavour: It is robust, long-lasting and persistent in the mouth, with a drawn-out flavour providing smoky touches that give it a very special character.
Swallowing sensation: Deep-bodied with an aromatic complexity that fills the palate with perfect harmony between the aged notes and the smoky nuances.

What is Peat?

Peat is thousands of years ‘worth of decaying vegetation. When peat is harvested, it’s cut up into small sloopy slices of sod, stacked in pyramids and left to dry. The substance is in the smoke. Barley grain is exposed to the smoke of a peat fire in order to arrest germination; a crucial part of Whisky production. Once dried, the malt is mashed and the peatiness will be measured by PPM or phenol parts per million.

What does peat taste like?

Peat varies by region, and can add tasting notes including anything from soapy, rich, smoky, herbal, creamy, saline, citrus, nuts, etc. Depending on the amount of time the malt is peated for.